The rich colours such as red or orange — this work has revolutionized the world of landscape photography.

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    Japanese ed."ALPS ."

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    Swiss ed.
    Del Alpen."

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    Swiss Book Club ed.
    Del Alpen."

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    German ed.
    Del Alpen."

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    British ed.
    "The Alps."

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    French ed.
    Des Alpes."

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    Danish ed.

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    American ed.
    "The Alps."

About this book

Production period
Alps Japanese ed. (1969) Kodansha Ltd. (price 20,000JPY)
Majestat Del Alpen Swiss ed. (1973) Bucher Company
Majestat Del Alpen Swiss Book Club ed. (1974) Libris Company
Majestat Del Alpen German ed. (1973)
Deutscher Bucherbund Company
The Alps British ed. (1973) Thames and Hudson Company
Majeste Des Alpes French ed. (1973) Bibliotheque Des Arts Company
Alpernes Jajestæt Danish ed. (1974) Lademnn Company
The Alps American ed. (1975) Harry N. Abrams Company

Although colourful landscapes pictures of sunrise and sunset are common, before 1969 when Alps was published, there was no such a picture in the world like the gorgeous red or orange colourful pictures that appeared in the Alps. Mr. Shirakawa, at that time was working on exclusive photographs of The World Cultural Geography in 23 volumes and The World Culture Series in 26 volumes. He travelled to 135 countries and carried out his research by touring bookstores. After Himalayas was published in 1971, the colours of the photographs were increasingly used in works of other photographers especially in Japan. Alps was the work that revolutionized landscape photography all over the world. It is no surprise that foreign-language editions sold 800,000 copies.

The Swiss newspaper, Vaterland, commented, "the pictures of this book are so beautiful that it captivates our souls", and the German newspaper, Neue Hannoversche Presse (May 11, 1973) acclaimed Alps as "the first and probably the last, solemn, and really magnificent photographic collection".
Regarding the US edition of the Alps, the Chicago Tribune (July 12, 1975) said, "about to stupefy, it develops the colour changing one after another and the tone of light."



  • photo01
    The sun blazing up
    over the Monch

  • photo02
    Mont Blanc

  • photo03
    Sunrise over the Dome
    du Gouter

  • photo04
    Lac blanc

  • photo05
    The ski slopes of
    St.christoph am Arlberg


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He was born in Ehime in 1935. After graduated Nihon University College of Art Photography, he worked as a producer of the literary department at Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. and is now a Freelance photographer.