Representing over 22 years of work to 'rediscover the recovery of global humanity' Philosophy and Thought

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    Japanese ed.

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The Original Scenery of Gods Japanese ed. (1985)
Gakken Holding Co Ltd. (price 28,000JPY)

Based on the philosophy of "recovery of humanity through the rediscovery of the Earth", Mr Shirakawa was able to encapsulate in one volume the vivid, sublime and marvelous nature of the planet Earth, showing it from dawn to sunset. It could be claimed that expressing this idea or ideology by photographs, over a period of 20 years, is unique in the history of photography.



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    Death Valley in Gold

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    Wind Prints

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    Rabbit in the Sun

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    Death Valley Salt Pan

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    Death Valley in Red


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He was born in Ehime in 1935. After graduated Nihon University College of Art Photography, he worked as a producer of the literary department at Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. and is now a Freelance photographer.