In order to capture the natural beauty of America, around 200 flights by jet plane were needed.

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    Japanese ed.

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    American ed.

About this book

Production period
American Continent Japanese ed. (1975)
Kodansha, Ltd. (price 32,000JPY)
Eternal America Japanese ed. (1975)
Harper & Row Company

This was the first photographic collection that systematically took photos of 41 places at various national parks, quasi-national parks, provincial parks and national recreation areas. This included 600 hours of aerial photos. Based on the idea of 'Recovery of Humanity through Rediscovery of the Earth', this project was undertaken in honor of the 200th USA National Foundation Day and received the support of the US Department of the Interior and Commerce.



  • photo01
    Monument Valley
    in the morning glow

  • photo02
    Turret Arch
    from North Window

  • photo03
    Death Valley

  • photo04
    Forest of Sagaro

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He was born in Ehime in 1935. After graduated Nihon University College of Art Photography, he worked as a producer of the literary department at Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. and is now a Freelance photographer.