Seven years spent filming 547 sacred sites from 12 countries.Record of the development of the human mind.

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About this book

Production period
Buddhism Introduction Volume 2
From the Silk Road to Asuka

Japanese ed. (1986) Gakken Holdings Co Ltd. (price 38,000JPY)
Buddhism Introduction Volume 1
From India to the Western Regions

Japanese ed. (1987) Gakken Holdings Co Ltd. (price 38,000JPY)
Buddhism Introduction Volume 3
From India to the South China Sea Islands

Japanese ed. (1987) Gakken Holdings Co Ltd. (price 38,000JPY)

Previously photographic collections of Buddhism were of Buddhist art. With Buddhism Introduction, this was the first photographic collection that directly addressed Buddhism as a spiritual culture. Mr. Hajime Nakamura, an authority on Buddhist philosophy, selected the important scenes for Buddhism Introduction from the historical travels of Buddhism from Lumbini where the Buddha was born, to Asuka, Japan. Mr. Shirakawa stood on all the 547 sites (in 12 countries), spending seven years and taking photos that now appear in three volumes. No one else has ever stood on so many Buddhist ruins. A groundbreaking undertaking.



  • photo01
    Lumbini Garden
    under the Morning Sun

  • photo02
    Rising Sun behind
    the Mahabodhi Pagoda
    at Buddha Gaya

  • photo03
    The Foot of Mt.Muztagh Ata

  • photo04
    Inner Shrine, Rear Corridor and Central Hall, Interior View of Cave No.1, Ajanta

  • photo05
    Morning Light in the Pagan
    Plains Seen from Myinpyagu Temple


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He was born in Ehime in 1935. After graduated Nihon University College of Art Photography, he worked as a producer of the literary department at Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. and is now a Freelance photographer.